PRIDE Update - Registration ends tomorrow!


Register for PRIDE here.

Our response to this Fall's PRIDE lineup has been amazing!  We have just 4 classes that need 1 or 2 students in order to run.  If you are currently enrolled in one of the classes below, tell your friends to join you so that it doesn't get cancelled!

KiSS (Kid's Social Skills) - needs 2 more students to run

Curtain Call Theater - needs 2 more students to run

Fold Everything Origami - needs 1 more student to run

Snapshot Floor Hockey - needs 1 more student to run

Class Descriptions:

KiSS (Kid's Social Skills):

Give your child Kids Social Skills (KiSS) for the confidence, social skills and tools he/she needs to have a successful year. 

* Does your child need help with Social Skills?

* Does he/she know how to make new friends or ask questions?

* Is your child sensitive to other's feelings? 

The program was created by certified educators right here in our local community! It's geared for K - 2 students to help them navigate social skills in and out of the classroom. We use storytelling, age appropriate activities, and role playing to help your child learn how to navigate friendships and classroom behaviors using gentle and kind techniques. Help your child say, "I'm ready for school" the KiSS way!

Curtain Call's Creative Theater:

Explore and express your creativity through improv, theatre games and music! Bring characters and creative ideas to life! Students will build confidence, creative instincts, trust, and social, teamwork and collaborative skills.

Fold Everything! All About Origami:

Discover the pleasure of creating something beautiful from a folded piece of paper. Animals, toys, cards, decorations and more.  With Origami there is always something new to fold. You will be able to teach your friends and family about “The Peace Of Paper”.

Snapshot Floor Hockey:

You shoot, you SCORE! No longer just a game for a frozen pond, Floor Hockey is a one size fits all game of speed, coordination, and thrills. This gym class favorite is now available after school. Game Play and skill work to include stick handling, dodging, ball control, and of course shooting will be introduced and practiced from week to week. Learn the different ways to put a shot on goal by incorporating wrist shots, slap shots, snap shots, and the backhand. Slap Shot Floor Hockey just might be the first stop on the road to the Stanley Cup… All aboard!